We were recently approached by Entrawood to assist in creating some of their products in 3D. Previously their products were photographed, but in this day & age such catalogues need to be viewed on more than just paper. This brought some challenges to light that could not be conquered with traditional photography.

All furniture in the catalogue are available in 4 different wood types. In order to present this interactively on the Entrawood website, we needed to create each furniture piece in 3D. This made life easier in the sense that each piece could be viewed from the exact same angle in 4 different wood types. This would’ve been a major headache to achieve with photography.

4 Different wood types, rendered at the same angle

Once the whole catalogue has been recreated in 3D, it opens a whole bunch of new possibilities, like creating a virtual showroom. We took all the catalogue furniture and created a makeshift office space, completely kitted out with Entrawood’s products and took a quick tour through it. If this had to be done by a film crew it would blow the budget completely.

Thank you Entrawood for the opportunity to 3D-ify your catalogue with us, and thank you Fresh Identity and Idea Catalyst for implementing everything.

Feel free to browse the new Entrawood catalogue online here to see how it all came together.