I was approached by Drawbox at the end of 2010 to come up with an exciting idea for HFR’s Christmas campaign. The brief was that we should do a photoshoot and make it look like Santa is being transported in the back of the truck. Their trucks are on the road non-stop, so we thought we would give holiday goers something to look at and point out to everyone else in the car. We did some angle tests and decided that we will base this campaign on the typical pavement art optical illusion, making it appear as if Santa and his reindeers are travelling in the back of the truck when viewed from the perfect angle.

We calculated the angle to be the point at which you overtake the truck and get the first glimpse of its right side.

from the right - click to enlarge

For the left side of the truck we chose to use a straigt on angle. Trucks mostly drive in the lefthand lane, but the lefthandside is not wasted as its always visible when the truck passes over a bridge.

from the Left - click to enlarge

Due to limited budget we couldn’t set up a photoshoot of this caliber, so we produced it in 3D instead. I’m proud to say that the client was very happy and that we are currently working on their next campaign.