Ocellus is the combined portfolio of designer duo Piet Rheeders de Wet and Kobus Louw. We see ourselves as 3D generalists, able to create, manipulate or even just assist. We’ve worked on a wide range of projects including architectural visualisation, set design, retail and exhibition design, product and props design, general cg and animation, as well as assisting in the design process of non-cg special effects.

Piet is currently employed full time as creative director at Rendermatic in Cape Town South Africa, and Kobus is employed full time as a 3D artist at Vividus in Vancouver Canada.

This blog is just our portfolio. Please do not contact us if you are looking for employment.

Our work includes;

Product design

As far as product design goes, we focus mainly on retail marketing design, also known as point of sale. This varies from anything small like brochure holders, all the way up to fridge design and branded custom furniture. We also do product visualisation of more high tech products, i.e. explaining the inner workings of new engine prototypes, enabling big companies to advertise their products photo realisticly before it even exists, this is very important when presenting new ideas to possible investors.

Exhibition and retail design

We’ve designed retail and exhibition spaces for big brands like Puma, Old Mutual, Sanlam and Shell to name a few. Our clients have been awarded with “best stand” awards numerous times. Our retail projects included kiosks and store-instore concepts for various cigarette and liquor brands.

Architectural Visualisation

We help architects and interior designers turn their plans into beautiful photo realistic images and animations which are used for presentation to their clients as well as being used in marketing material. 3D visualisation of new buildings are also used to show its visual impact on the environment which helps in the council approval process of big developments and shopping centres.


We’ve produced 3D animation for numerous different projects, ranging from character animation for Coca-Cola commercials to documentaries showcasing new technology in aircraft and powerboats.