Our Suppliers

At Ocellus our focus is purely design and visual related, so we don’t do any manufacturing in-house. However we do have this list of suppliers who have all successfully inerpreted our designs to produce fantastic end products. We recommend you use them as they are all professionals in their respective fields.

Xzibit – Xzibit is an exhibition and events service company – an authority in the industry with close on two decades of experience. We provide exceptional facilitation of bespoke marketing evnironments and are passionate about influencing and enhancing the perception of brands.

Brian Myburgh Designs – Brian Myburgh Designs is a marketing company specialising in the design and production of merchandising systems and point of sale promotional displays.

Cactus Innovations – Cactus Innovations are custom manufacturers of modular sets and stages for live events with creative themes.

BK Designs – If you’re looking for a company that does built in bedroom cupboards and bathroom renovations you’ve come to the right place. We deliver fast and efficient home improvement services.

Hilton Projects – Your home of complete building and construction, renovations and alterations, in the Western Cape.   Renovating your kitchen, remodelling your home, restoring or upgrading, on a budget or deserving the luxury.  We specialise in kitchen, bathroom and complete home renovations.