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This is a project I did for Graham Viney Design a couple of years ago. I just stumbled upon it on an old back up drive and thought I’d put it up here. If I think back now, I most certainly wish that I rather chose a 3D workflow. The results were good... Read More »
The design of Google’s Umbono space was a collaboration between Piet de Wet, Adrian Smith and Haldane Martin. Mothablogga covered the launch event, read more about it here. Truly a proud piece, I wish I could live... Read More »
About 6 months before the Fifa World Cup started in South Africa, we had to produce some architectural renders for the Webber House in Camps Bay, Cape Town. The basic structure of the house was already built, but it was still far from completion. The client wanted to advertise the property on several accommodation websites... Read More »
I was approached by Drawbox at the end of 2010 to come up with an exciting idea for HFR’s Christmas campaign. The brief was that we should do a photoshoot and make it look like Santa is being transported in the back of the truck. Their trucks are on the road non-stop, so we thought... Read More »
We were recently approached by Entrawood to assist in creating some of their products in 3D. Previously their products were photographed, but in this day & age such catalogues need to be viewed on more than just paper. This brought some challenges to light that could not be conquered with traditional photography. All furniture in the... Read More »
I recently designed and built my own arcade machine. I found that the retro ones were too bulky, and ends up taking over the entire tea room at work. So I devised a plan, if you can have an arcade cabinet small and stylish enough to blend in perfectly in the room, then your workmates... Read More »